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Global Patient Week?

Patients Are Our Purpose?

At Bristol Myers Squibb, the stories of our patients and their caregivers inspire and motivate us each day to work smarter and faster to find innovative solutions.?

Monique's Story

Giving Back

Our employees, their families, and our patients will track the time they spend walking, running, cycling, and more. We will donate $1 for every minute moved to the American Red Cross and the International Federation of the Red Cross, with the goal of a $1 million donation.

BMS for Community

Learning More for Patients >

How cell therapy works

Our workforce is learning from peers, experts, and patients, as they dive into important topics including health equities and disparities, patient assistance and perspectives, and disease state awareness.

Our Commitment >

Our Commitment

Read our CEO's message about addressing health equity and increasing diversity and inclusion.

Honoring Cancer Survivors >

Honoring the Stories of Cancer Survivors

Our celebrated patient support initiative, Survivorship Today, is elevating perspectives from cancer survivors on how a sense of community is needed now more than ever.

Join us as we transform patients’ lives through science

Join us as we transform patients’ lives through science

Every day, each of us works to improve outcomes for patients fighting serious diseases. We're creative thinkers motivated by the practical application of our work, and innovators unafraid to step into uncharted territory. Together, we're building a better future for each other and the patients who need us most.