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Existing Partnerships

We have a rich heritage in Business Development.

We have a rich heritage of successfully bringing external ideas together with our expertise and capabilities and partnering has been integral in the evolution of our company – it’s part of our DNA.

We have developed several successful long-term, deep collaborations which have led to the development of pioneering medicines and new approaches to research and helped us to complement and strengthen our discovery and development programs.

Business development and R&D teams work closely together on sourcing innovation through partnerships that will combine leading science, technology and research with our development and commercial expertise.

From academia to biotech to global pharmaceutical companies – collaborative partnerships are critical to our ability to provide transformative medicines to patients with the highest unmet medical needs. These partnerships provide extensive scientific and commercial value in addition to the current and potential treatment for our patients.

Common Cold

Working to #HackCancer

Bristol Myers Squibb Joins Parker Institute and Cancer Research Institute to Accelerate I-O Research